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iPhone 11 may receive new Made-For-iPhone lighting accessories soon

It seems that the owners of iPhones 11 can take advantage of new photography features Made For iPhone (MFi) coming soon. THE Apple has made a report available to its suppliers with new specifications that allow the Creation of lighting and flash accessories for apple smartphone.


Gadget continues only in the world of rumors, which keep increasing

O MFi It is a licensing program that allows various manufacturers to make their products compatible with Apple mobile devices. According to 9to5MacThese new specifications would allow external flashes to be synchronized with the built-in flash of devices, for example.

These elements would be connected through the Lightning doors instead of Bluetooth. The Lightning connection would also let the accessories consume or supply power through it, such as other MFi accessories (battery cases, game controls, earphones, etc.) – that's in theory. To make it clear: there are already iPhones compatible lighting accessories like Lume Cube, but they all use Bluetooth to synchronize and do not work through the MFi program.

Another assumption is that the accessories would better support third party developed camera applications.

Finally, it is good to make clear that this rumor includes just the last line of released iPhones – at 11. Other than that, manufacturers will be able to launch their MFi lighting products as soon as these new specifications are officially released. So far, support is only available as a preview within the Made For iPhone program.

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