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iPhone 11 is missing in the USA; “iPhone 12” launch could be affected

Coronavirus: iPhone 11 is missing in the USA;  “iPhone 12” launch could be affected

In recent weeks, we have commented on the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Asia and Europe for Apple, such as stores closed (or open during limited hours) and restrictions on the production of gadgets.

With the reduction of notifications of new cases in China, the Apple supply chain is gradually resuming its activities, but the fall in manufacturing since February is already affecting the largest Apple market: United States.

More than that, with the spread of the virus to some European countries, Apple has restricted travel by employees to the locations with the highest rate of cases and is adopting other security measures, which may have a direct effect on the company’s release schedule. company, as we will see later.

US Stock

Last week, we reported that Apple issued a notice to employees at its stores about a shortage of parts for repairing iPhones, as well as replacement devices. Now, however, the provision of models of the iPhone 11 is also decreasing, according to a report by New York Post.

In carrier stores, specifically, the stock of iPhones has either run out or is about to run out. According to an AT&T employee, this is because operators are storing devices, rather than keeping them in stores. According to the NYP, this can be an effort to control inventory if there is a major shortage of devices.

We received a shipment and there were no iPhones – only flip and Samsungs.

Asked if it was a problem related to COVID-19, the official said that he «believed so». However, customers who wish to purchase a specific model (not available at the store) can schedule a delivery within two days – while these models are still available, of course.

Launch of the iPhone with 5G

Since the beginning of the (negative) effects of Coronavirus on Apple’s business, several websites and analysts have suggested that the virus would not affect Apple’s launches in the second half of this year, including that of the next line of iPhones («IPhone 12») – which should incorporate the technology 5G, according to multiple rumors.

However, the winds have started to blow against this expectation, and now it is possible, yes, that the Apple has to revise some plans. At least, that’s what a Bank of America analyst and DigiTimes are pointing.

According to the first, the long-awaited iPhone with 5G can be postponed by about a month due to the consequences of the virus – that is, this launch may take place in mid-October, as disclosed by Bloomberg.

According to the report in the Taiwanese newspaper, this possible postponement would be due to the restriction on the travel of Apple employees to countries in Asia and Europe, as mentioned above. In this sense, the company would have extended the deadline to overturn such restrictions, preventing its engineers from proceeding with production, such as carrying out engineering validation tests (EVTs) on the next iPhones.

Judging by EVT’s revised schedule, the launch of the next generation of iPhones could be postponed to October, according to sources.

In addition to the possible delay in the launch of “‌iPhone 12‌”, analysts also believe that the “iPhone 9” (or “iPhone SE 2”) launch date may also be postponed “by a few months”, citing so many problems in the supply chain. supplies and less demand for devices, another result of the Coronavirus outbreak. This, however, is not a rumor today.

Of course, there is a lot of speculation around it all, but it is an undeniable fact that some negative effect the outbreak is having and will still have on Apple’s business. Whether it will be as bad as some analysts are predicting, only time will tell.

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