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iPhone 11 beats Google Pixel 4 XL in battery test

One week ago, we posted here a channel test here PhoneBuff wherein Google Pixel 4 XL lost to the iPhone 11 Pro Max in performance testing.

The channel has now published a new test this one, focused on drums. But to make things easier for Pixel 4 XL, the opponent this time was the iPhone 11(which costs $ 200 less in the United States).

Counting against (because it's good technical specs) the Pixel 4 XL, we have a 0.2 inch larger screen with 90Hz and a higher resolution, but in compensation the iPhone 11 battery has a 16% lower capacity.

The iPhone 11 dominated the test from start to finish, ending it an entire hour in front of the Pixel 4 XL (which didn't look ugly, by the way). Not bad!