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“IPhone 11”, “11 Pro” and “11 Pro Max”? Rumors of names, design and batteries of upcoming models are publicized

And we are again discussing the many possibilities for the next generation of iPhones, which should be presented at a special Apple event on September 10, and this time the rumors are "hot."


Firstly, ESR, a company that sells several cases for iPhones, bet that Ma's next smartphones should be called ?IPhone 11? (successor of XR), ?IPhone 11 Pro? (successor to XS) and ?IPhone 11 Pro Max? (successor to XS Max). The information is from the french site iPhoneSoft (Google translator).

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This is not the first time the use of the suffix ?Pro? in iPhones is expected; But now even more providers of iGadgets agree on the possibility. This does not mean that these companies are right about the trade name of upcoming handsets, but certainly a strong indication at the moment leading against other rumors.

In addition, no matter how ?fuzzy? such possible nomenclatures (especially the 6.5-inch model) may seem, there are some reasons that make us guess: the ?Pro? suffix is ??present in other Apple products, such as MacBook Pro and iPad Pro in these cases, the term indicates the high-end version of that segment, which would also make perfect sense for the models. flagships iPhone


An alleged Foxconn official also released some details about upcoming iPhones today based on a leaked email from Apple's largest vendor. According to him, the company has added a new color option to the iPhone XR's successor, the suggested ?iPhone 11 ?.

Render of the possible new colors of iPhone XR

According to the informant, who spread the rumors in the Slashleaks, the new color would be a new shade of green. Such a possibility was also raised by the Japanese blog. Macotakarawhich suggested that Apple replace the coral and blue versions of the iPhone XR with green and lavender colors in the successor model of the device.

It is always good to point out that we should not bring any rumors to the letter. Sometimes Apple can really change something in the color or design of its projects, but it doesn't necessarily have to be taken forward and launched.


Speaking of design, this Foxconn employee also shared some assumptions about the look of the new iPhones. Among them, the rear window of these gadgets have a matte appearance, unlike current models. This rumor goes against what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assumed about upcoming devices earlier this year, and it may be that it shares (and much) the opinion of users.

Render of supposed iPhone 2019 by OnLeaks

Interestingly, the "leak" also suggests that the brand "iPhone" be removed from the back of the devices. Should this rumor come to fruition, this would be the first time Apple would abandon the brand in device design that it has already removed were the abbreviations and technical information on the back.

As for the front, this year's design should be pretty much the same as today's iPhones, including the front cutout (notch). However, due to the notorious removal of the 3D Touch (and the current model of Taptic engine), the display is expected to be slightly thinner.


The report also cites a change in battery capacity of upcoming iPhones, especially in the 6.5 inch model. Thus, it is speculated that the "iPhone 11 Pro Max" has a component of 3,969mAh (against 3.174mAh of the iPhone XS Max).

IFixit Unmount of New XS and XS Max iPhonesLooking closely, you can see the notch in the inner vertex of the XS battery.

While this may indicate an increase in battery life, it is not possible to confirm this assumption as it will depend on other issues involving possible novelties in hardware and even software in the handsets.

What's more, the Foxconn official endorsed that the new iPhones will continue to adopt the Lightning standard and will keep the same internal storage options (64GB, 256GB and 512GB) no biometric fingerprint reader this year, no.

The fact that we are approaching the time to see what is really true and what is on the theoretical plane. Have you ever placed your bets?

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider