IPEVO TR10i and iChat, made for each other

IPEVO TR10i and iChat, made for each other

When Skype was launched, I thought, “Whoa! They launched iChat for the PC. ” Today Skype has a life of its own and it was certainly fundamental for VoIP to become a popular acronym.

Launched last year, the product acts as a microphone and speaker and, in addition to fully integrating with iChat, supports audio conferences with up to four people simultaneously.

For those who have plans to produce podcasts using GarageBand, it can be a good starting option. Good podcast microphones can be very expensive as it offers a great reception up to a distance of 1.5 meters and has the technology of echo canceling, which leaves the sound clean and clear.

The TR10i also comes with the FreeRec application, which allows you to record your conversations using iChat and prepare audio memos. Interested parties can buy it directly at the IPEVO store for $ 80. Rest assured, they have support from Amazon.com to process sales and distribute.

I hope he also caught your eye, as I can't wait to have one on my desk and say, "Hello, Angels!"