Months after disaster in Japan, component production in Asia is still compromised

iPads 2 maintain success of component manufacturers in Asia

Through an analysis of Apple's largest suppliers in Taiwan, Ticonderoga Securities claims that the production of the iPad 2 has helped component manufacturers to register above-average growth in the past six months, especially during year-end sales, when revenue from some have tripled. In March, their sequential growth was 141% according to the AppleInsider.

IPad barometer

It is also estimated that the number was negatively influenced by the problems in Japan, since in February, when the iPad 2 apparently started to be produced, the growth of Apple's suppliers was 172% year on year. In the month-to-month projection, Ma's earnings ranged between 20 and 35%.

Recently ,Ticonderoga also reported the reasons why the production of iPads 2 on the rise is hindering the launch of products from Apple's competitors, due to strong demand for components. It is estimated that 2.4 million iPads have been sold in March.