iPad to win full version of Photoshop in 2019

Designers, illustrators, photographers and other digital art professionals in the world, trembled: the Photoshop is coming to iPad. Photoshop reallyI say.

THE Adobe announced the news just now at its annual MAX conference, and promised (as expected) to bring the Apple tablet the full version of its legendary image editor, with interface adaptations for a more user-friendly touch, but with the same tools, logic of use, and PSD file editing support for the Mac and PC version that users are already used to.

The basis of the Photoshop CC for iPad code is the same as that of its computer siblings and Adobe's idea to make a transition: the image editor is no longer just a program but a platform, allowing users to edit their files on PCs. , Macs, and iPads at any time, switching devices at their leisure with the precious little help from the cloud. Other features such as editing history and collaborative editing are also included almost a Google Docs, but with the world's most powerful image editor.

In terms of interface, Adobe has ruled out here (at least in this previous version) the entire top bar with contextual buttons, relegating them to side menus and hidden lists; otherwise, the layout of the main interface elements (tools, layers, color picker, libraries, and so on) is the same as the counterpart of Mac and PC software.

An interesting addition is a contextual button in the lower left corner of the interface called Touch modifier (Touch modifier) ​​which, when pressed, changes the behavior of the tool you are using to a useful action at the moment if you have a brush activated, for example, holding the button down turns the tool into an eraser while it is activated; If the active function is “Move”, it automatically causes elements to be duplicated.

Photoshop CC for iPad will be launched in 2019 and, as its name implies, will be part of the Creative Cloud suite if you subscribe to the platform, have access to it on launch, and can use all of the announced cloud editing features. by Adobe. The company has not specified whether it also plans to sell a single version of the app on the App Store; More information about this should appear in the coming months.

Users who want to sign up for the Photoshop CC iPad beta program can do so at this link and await future instructions from Adobe. Enjoy!

via The Verge