iPad Pro with Mini-LED screen may be postponed to early 2021;  “IPhone 12” should be launched in stages

iPad Pro with Mini-LED screen may be postponed to early 2021; “IPhone 12” should be launched in stages

Much has been said here about the arrival of a future version of iPad Pro equipped with panel Mini-LED – that screen technology, “middle ground” between the common LCD and OLED, in which the panel is illuminated by tiny points of light scattered over its surface (do not confuse with Micro-LED, a much more recent and expensive technology that only now is starting to reach consumer electronics).

The latest rumors about this showed that Apple would invest heavily in the Mini-LED, applying it in at least six products throughout 2020. For now, specifically in relation to the iPad Pro, the analyst Jeff Pu (from GF Securities) arrived to cool these expectations down a bit.

According to Pu, the iPad Pro with Mini-LED panel can now arrive only at early 2021. The reason for the delay would be the “complex screen design” of the device, which would be causing certain complications in the development and production process of the tablet.

Strangely, the analyst refers specifically to the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches. This may mean that perhaps Apple will introduce the technology first to the larger model of its professional tablet, applying the Mini-LED screen to the 11 ″ iPad Pro in a next update. Or, the Pu information is only relevant to the 12.9 ″ model, and we will see both sizes of the device gaining new screens at the same time. We will have to wait and see.

In any case, the “delay” in the arrival of a new iPad Pro would make sense for the Apple schedule: the company, after all, updated its professional tablet less than a month ago. If Tim Cook and his team want to maintain the traditional schedule of updates for their products, the natural thing is that a new version of the device will be presented in March / April next year, and not at the end of 2020.

“IPhone 12” in stages

Last week, Pu also released another note to investors – this one, talking about the possible launches of future iPhones. In one respect, he nailed it: the analyst predicted that Apple would release a new version of iPhone SE still in mid-April. Bingo.

Mockup of “iPhones 12”

Pu also talked about the development process of “IPhones 12” – which is currently surrounded by doubts due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the delays caused by it. The good thing is that, according to the analyst, potential consumers of future devices can breathe easy. Almost everyone, at least.

According to Pu, Apple is, as far as possible, on schedule in the process of developing and testing new smartphones: 5.4 and 6.1 inches remain in the “EVT” phase (Engineering Verification Test, or engineering verification test) by the end of the month (two weeks longer than originally planned), while the 6.7 inches should remain in this testing phase until mid-May.

This could, according to the analyst, cause a small delay in the launch of the largest (and most expensive) future iPhones. In Pu’s view, Apple will make the 5.4 ″ and 6.1 ″ models available in September, with the 6.7 ″ version starting its sales in October – not unlike what we saw with the launch of the iPhone X or XR, for example.

At least, we can be (almost) sure: habemus “IPhones 12” in 2020. ?

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