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IPad Pro touchscreen issues keep popping up

A few months ago, we dealt here with a problem that would be emerging in selected units of iPads Pro, related to the screens and touch sensitivity of the tablets. Months later, Apple has not yet spoken, but cases continue to emerge worldwide, as we are seeing from various sources.

Our reader Thiago Almino contacted us regarding their situation, in which a 12.9-inch iPad Pro began to crash on touch screen; He was able to replace the device under warranty, but the replacement unit had the same problem.

Thiago's case is not unique: on the iFixit forum, a user accurately detailed all the steps taken to solve the problem with his iPad Pro (also 12.9 inch) in the boy's description, at times, impossible to perform basic touches , swipe, or zoom in on the screen; other actions, such as returning home screen, are still accepted.

THE Trusted Reviews It also brought several other cases reported by users on Apple's own forums. That is, we are not talking about a rarity that has affected one or two iPads around the world, but something that has reached a non-negligible number of users even here in the team of the. (Marcelo Melo and Ramon Nicotari have been through the problem).

And Apple remains silent about everything, which is the most unnerving thing: Apple is not being required to take all the existing iPad Pro in the world and replace it with perfect units, but rather to have some recognition that the problem exists. In this way, users get at least a certain sense of security that should the faults appear, they will be covered by the manufacturer, even out of warranty.

Is anyone else facing similar problems?

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Official image:

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11 ″ and 12.9 ″ iPads

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