iPad Pro could gain mouse support on iOS 13 [atualizado]

Remember when Steve Jobs strongly criticized the concept of stylus at the iPhone presentation in 2007, only for Ma to present its own superpowered stylus (the Apple Pencil) eight years later? Well, it looks like we're about to see yet another unthinkable interaction method being added to iOS or, more precisely, to iPads Pro.

In the latest podcast episode Connected, the editor-in-chief of MacStoriesFederico Viticci released a report that excited a lot of people: he said Apple was planning to allow the use of Mouse on iPads Pro from iOS 13.

The news would be an initiative focused mainly on accessibility: Users with motor disabilities or other disabilities could simply plug a mouse into the iPads Pro's USB-C port (or via Bluetooth) and use it as a control device, with on-screen pointer and all.

Viticci's speech is not a kick: he heard this conversation directly from his sources inside Apple, but added that the conversation happened “months ago” and therefore plans may have been changed or canceled from l to c. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith, however, got into the story and corroborated the information:

If you missed the last episode of ConnectedFederico Viticci presented a very interesting scoop on support for mice that could be coming to the iPad as an accessibility tool. As far as I know, the feature is really * under development. I think all advanced users will turn it on the first day. 😂

Troughton-Smith has one point: While the (possible) feature is designed for greater accessibility, advanced users can also take advantage of tasks that require more control or different methods of interaction. The developer added that with the introduction of mouse support, a new category of apps could be born that would be great for the iPad.

Who cheered up?

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Update by Eduardo Marques 4/25/2019 1:55 PM

Responding to a person who was incredulous about the arrival of the news, the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo also corroborated the information:

I can confirm that mouse support is coming to iOS 13 as an accessibility feature. You should trust @stroughtonsmith 😉