iPad Pro, primeiro aparelho da Apple com porta USB-C, já pode ser visto por dentro

iPad Pro, Apple's first USB-C device, can already be seen from the inside


Website disassembles new Apple notebook and shows its components in detail

THE Ifixit, a site specializing in repairs, dismantled yet another device from Apple, this time was the iPad Pro 11 inches. By disassembling the devices it is possible to know how they will behave if it is necessary to make repairs, besides that we can know how they are below the display. The note attributed to the iPad Pro was 3 on a scale that goes up to 10, which means that it is a device with a high degree of difficulty to disassemble. O MacBook Air received the same grade.

Ifixit first pointed out that access to the interior of the iPad was being hampered because of the eight speakers present in the device, four of which woofers and the other four tweeters. Once removed, the company was able to gain access to all hardware that makes up the device.

The battery was more easily removed, and Apple equipped this part of the device with two fixing tabs, which gives a guarantee if one of them breaks during repair, the other will be able to fix in the same way. The battery is one of the parts that needs to be replaced most in these types of handsets.

One of the key features of the iPad Pro is that it is the first Apple device to be equipped with the USB-C, which is present on most appliances Android. This was a highlight also in the disassembly, since this piece is not welded to the plate, unlike the input Lightning from Apple on other devices. Not soldering this part allows the exchange to be made independently and much easier and cheaper. The entrance can wear out with use, and it is not uncommon to have to make the switch.

The strengths raised by the company in the disassembly of the device were:

– "Modular USB-C port can be replaced independently." – "Without the physical home button eliminates a common point of failure and can simplify repairs."

The company pointed out points that have positive characteristics but also negative aspects that make the repair process difficult:

– "The battery is attached with stretch release tabs, which are easier to remove, but the conventional adhesive is not removable." – "The LCD and the front panel glass are fused, which simplifies the opening procedure, but increases the cost of the repair. "

A point raised by Ifixit as completely negative Only the stickers, which aim to hold almost all parts in place, make repairs more difficult.

THE pen was also disassembled, you can see that there is a new wireless charging, also ms, and a black cover. Since most of the components are soldered to the part, Ifixit was unable to access much information, which means that if any specific component breaks, it probably will not be able to fix it.

Engineers have been able to detect that the pen has a sensor that lets you know when and where you touch, which in the future may mean that more complex movements can be made.

Via: 9to5mac Source: Ifixit