iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with Mini-LED displays to be launched in late 2020, according to Ming-Chi Kuo [atualizado]

If you are feeling a little dj vu with the headline above, don't worry: yes, our old friend Ming Chi Kuo had already talked about the (supposedly) imminent arrival of technology LED mini to some Apple products specifically, the iPad Pro it's the MacBook Pro. Now, however, the analyst has been far more specific in his predictions.

In a note recently sent to its customers, Kuo stated that Apple has plans to launch between four and six products equipped with Mini LED panels along the next two or three years which, according to the analyst, accelerates (and greatly) the development of technology and causes it to finally "catch up".

For those who are a little lost in the whole thing, the Mini-LED is a technology that, at least on paper, brings the best of both worlds to traditional LCD screens and the famous OLED screens. Here we have a lot of small light-emitting diodes (the LEDs themselves) scattered all over the screen, providing a high contrast in the image like on OLED screens, but without the usual problems of it (especially the dreaded one). burn in). The screens also have high dynamic range, wide color gamut and are very energy efficient.

After the small class, Kuo predicts that Apple will debut Mini-LED technology in its line with a future iPad Pro update to be released on third quarter of 2020 and would already be equipped with a chip “A14X”. This casts some doubt on Apple's future plans, as the iPad Pro is more than a year old without being updated so, or Apple would introduce two generations of the tablet in 2020 (one at the beginning and one at the end of the year), which it would be unusual, or leave his current version alive for two full years (which is not much of the company's character either).

The second product to receive the Mini-LED display, according to Kuo, would be the next version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. fourth quarter of next year. Yes, the prediction makes sense, since the computer would be about a year old.

From then on, the future is a mystery: neither Kuo nor anyone risks guessing which would be the next Ma products to receive the technology. The suspects, of course, are evident: Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads (non-Pro) and the other MacBooks ie basically all company products equipped with a screen. As Apple will make this transition, however, only time will tell.

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Update by Eduardo Marques 12/03/2019 19:07

Yesterday, Ming-Chi Kuo; today, DigiTimes andEconomic Daily News. The two vehicles corroborated the analyst's information, stating that Apple is betting heavily on Mini-LED technology in 2020 (starting with the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro), and that GIS will play a key role as a component supplier.

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