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iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are on TIME's “Top 25 Inventions 2015” list

The 2015 edition of the list with the 25 best inventions of the year, published by TEAM, exited. If last year's edition Apple Watch was present, in this we have the double iPad Pro + Apple Pencil.

Here's what TEAM talks about the products:

Since its invention, about 450 years ago or something, the pencil has become so ubiquitous that it is easy to forget how remarkable its technology is. You can write at any angle. Shadows get darker, depending on the force you press. Marks can be erased. Reproducing this functionality digitally has been plaguing computer engineers for years, which makes Apple's achievement so impressive. The pencil allows users to draw, paint or write on a canvas, as they would on a sheet of paper. And that works in conjunction with the iPad Pro, a tablet faster than about 80% of laptops sold last year, so there is none delay noticeable. This combination has already been the subject of discussion on new ways to create art, animations, schemes and much more. "You can support your hand anywhere and (the iPad Pro screen) ignores it entirely, just reading (the information) from the pencil," wrote Don Shank, Pixar's art director, after testing the products in September. “Quite surprising.”

Matt Vella.

Some other giants in the technology area also entered the cake, such as Microsoft (HoloLens), Samsung (“transparent way”), Google (Cardboard) and Tesla (Model X). It is worth checking the list that still has interesting projects, such as an "ocean vacuum" (to clean the pollution), a smart pan that helps you cook and others.

(via Apple World Today)