IPad owners cannot restore iPhones backups running iOS 12.1.2

Backups are essential and everyone should know that. Apple makes things a lot easier for those who have an iPhone or iPad by allowing users to back up to iCloud just by activating an option in the operating system.

ICloud Backup

Another facility many may not know is that by running the same operating system you can pull a backup of the iPhone on the iPad and vice versa without a problem which is great for those who just bought their first tablet and already want start using the device with its installed apps (the ones that are compatible with the device, of course) and properly adjusted / synchronized settings.

Still thinking about the scenario described above, a very unusual problem is disrupting the lives of some users. This is because Apple does not allow you to restore a backup of an operating system version above the one you currently have installed. Got confused? I explain.

Imagine you have an iPhone and an iPad, and the phone is running iOS 12 and the tablet, iOS 11 because you left it a long time in the drawer without use. A, to put it on an equal footing, you decide to erase everything from the iPad and make a restore using your most current iPhone backup. Well you won't be able to. Because iPhone is running iOS 12, a newer system than the one installed on the iPad, you can't do that. You will then have to upgrade the tablet's iOS to version 12 to restore the backup.

But what about when you can't do it? The case is who has an iPhone running iOS 12.1.2 and bought an iPad at Christmas, for example. Since version 12.1.2 s was released for iPhones, new iPads come with an iOS version lower than this (at 12.1.1). So you can't restore the backup of an updated iPhone on your tablet, either through iCloud or iTunes.

@AppleSupport If I try to set up a new iPad through iCloud backup but my iPhone is on iOS 12.1.2, am I stuck? IPad can go to iOS 12.1.1 and cannot restore from iOS 12.1.2.

The only solution to this problem while Apple does not put systems on equal footing again, as the TechRadar, use the Apple Beta Software Program. By signing up for the free program, you will be able to download the iOS 12.1.3 beta (which is in the second trial version) on the iPad and then restore the iPhone backup to the tablet.

It's definitely not the ideal solution, but at least something that can be remedied while iOS 12.1.3 is not officially released for all. iGadgets. Here's the tip. πŸ˜‰

via 9to5Mac