iPad mini “is good enough to steal the market” from other smaller tablets

Analysts: iPad mini “is good enough to steal the market” from other smaller tablets

Announced yesterday, the iPad mini is Apple’s newest bet on the tablet market. With a 7.9-inch screen, A5 processor, thinner edges and several other new features, the iPad mini has everything to win the hearts (and money) of consumers around the world.

iPad mini

Analyst firm IHS iSuppli believes the smaller iPad will do as well as its older siblings. They believe that tablets with about 7 inches will represent 28% of total sales in the segment. About 34 million smaller devices are expected to be sold by the end of this year, a jump of 100% when compared to the 17 million units sold last year.

For 2013, the forecasts are even more encouraging: 67 million tablets with about 7 ″ will be sold, representing 33% of the market. According to the firm, these predictions are conservative, as they believe that Apple will not be able to produce enough mini iPads to meet the high demand for the product.

Even with a higher price range than its competitors, such as Nexus 7 (from Google) and Kindle Fire HD (from Amazon) – which cost US $ 200 in the United States -, the iPad mini will be quite successful, according to analyst Mark Moskowitz, from JP Morgan. Your $ 330 tag won’t be a problem, as the slightly larger screen and the incredible iOS 6 make the iPad mini “good enough to steal the market” from your enemies.

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