IOS 10 Home on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

iPad can also be used as a HomeKit hub from iOS 10

There is no doubt that Apple is taking its home automation solution more and more seriously. The large amount of new features for the HomeKit announced the day before yesterday at WWDC 2016, are proof of that; but what if I say there’s even more that they didn’t talk about in the keynote?

IOS 10 Home on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

For example, the conference gave even more importance to the new Apple TV by making her the hub from HomeKit. What Craig Federighi and his gang didn’t say, however, is that you don’t have to be sad if you don’t have an Apple TV giving you soup at home: a iPad may serve the same function as Home Hub, if you wish.

Of course, this comes with some disadvantages: to function as hub, the iPad must be permanently connected to the home Wi-Fi network and, likewise, always connected to power. It makes sense, obviously: a device that was not perpetually powered on and connected to the home network wouldn’t be able to successfully control all HomeKit devices – that’s why Apple TV is in fact the ideal choice for hub.

Anyway, how good that Apple thought of those who can’t / don’t want to have the set-top box and added that possibility – Apple even declared to the SlashGear that the intention of the maneuver is precisely this: to facilitate access to HomeKit in countries where Apple TV is not yet available, such as China.

[via AppleInsider]