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IP Webcam seems to be one of those promising apps whose main function is to turn a smartphone into a webcam. That's why we decided to test it. No doubt its main function arouses curiosity. To learn more about this app, read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galxy S2 (GT-I9100) Android Version: 4.0.3Root: NoRoda From Android: 1.6

When you start IP Webcam, you will come across the main menu and the steps for setting it up. It is possible to modify the resolution (although it cannot be higher than 800×480), the image quality, set an FPS limit (S2 camera supports up to 30FPS), switch to the front camera and set a particular focal point.

Once the video options section has been completed, you will proceed to the settings of the connections to your computer, including creating an account and password to prevent others from accessing your network. You can even choose between Ipva4 and Ipva6 and the port, which is usually set to 8080). There are a good number of options available, so you could get lost among so many. You can, for example, choose whether you want to have audio in the captured images and so many other things. Finally it's time to click Start Server. Once it is located, you must click it to activate the camcorder.

The IP address is displayed at the bottom, allowing any computer connected to the same network to access the webcam. For this you only need to have the address to insert in the browser bar. That done, you can decide if the webcam should be opened in Skype sessions or with the VLC reader, for example. The quality will change depending on the options you select, but for each of them instructions are provided which are easy to follow.

Another option: even with the app already running, you can make changes to the pre-set settings, such as changing focus and light.

Conclusion:Once configured, IP Webcam works very well. There is even an option for the microphone. The only downside is that smartphones are more complex devices than just webcams. So everything gets a little harder at first, but nothing that is not circumventable.

Screen & Controls

There are so many settings available for IP Webcam: the options are displayed as a list. You don't have to make many modifications to the app to be able to enjoy it in its entirety. Just be aware of browser instructions and go ahead. In short, the controls are well made and totally didactic.

Speed ​​& Stability

We noticed some minor interruptions during our testing, but the IP Webcam did not crash and generally performed very well.

Price / Performance Ratio

IP Webcam is a free app and the advertising banners are very discreet, appearing only on the main menu and camcorder screen.

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