IOS SHORTCUTS: Share the Wi-Fi network with any cell phone without entering the password

IOS has a feature that allows you to share the Wi-Fi connection without having to reveal the network password, just by bringing the two devices closer together. However, this only works between Apple devices and you need to have iOS 11 or later installed.

For cases where the other person has Android, there is a way to share the network Wi-Fi by QR Code, which transmits all the necessary information without revealing any password.

In this article you install a IOS shortcut which allows you to automatically create this QR Code, so you can share your network with others, with the greatest privacy.

To use iOS shortcuts you must know that you need to install the app first Shortcuts straight from the App Store. he who manages the functionalities that will be executed in each case.

Shortcuts Shortcuts

You will also need to authorize the installation of shortcuts downloaded from the internet. If you haven’t already, we’ll teach you this right here:

That done, you can now download and install the shortcut to share the Wi-Fi network via QR Code. Open this article on your iPhone or iPad and tap the image below:

It will open a page full of instructions. Swipe to the end of it and touch “Add Shortcut No Confivel“.

Ready. Your shortcut is installed. You can activate it anytime you want by opening the Shortcuts application. Or you can create a icon on the Home Screen to be even more practical.

Check this link for some Shortcuts published here at BDI.

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