iOS now has an extra step to verify subscriptions

Since the signatures have become the favorite way for App Store developers to make money, much has been discussed about Apple's implementation of this process.

True, like any other in-store purchase, iOS requires user authentication (by password, Touch ID, or Face ID) to complete the transaction, but the steps required to contract an application's monthly (or annual) service It's still space for dishonest people to create blatant blows like this one.

Now the thing is a little harder.

Oops! Apple has added an extra verification step for subscriptions.

The new alert appears after you authenticate your identity with Touch ID / Face ID.

I hope they handle it more elegantly on iOS 13, but I'm glad the company has taken a definite move to inhibit subscription scams.

As Twitter developer David Barnard noted above, Apple recently implemented an extra step in iOS to confirm subscribing to an app or service.

Now, after Touch / Face ID authentication, the system displays a popup In addition, asking if the user really wants to confirm that subscription and remembering that it will be kept indefinitely or until you cancel it in Settings at least one day before the end of the period.

Barnard himself notes that the solution is not the most subtle and that, hopefully, the issue will be dealt with more gracefully on iOS 13.

Still, this is a major breakthrough from Apple: in addition to rogue apps that pluck money from Inattentive users, there are still many cases of people who have unintentionally confirmed signatures simply by touching the Start button and authenticating the process.

Good news, really?

via MacRumors