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IOS Health App Helps Solve UK Murder

This is the kind of story we would credit Agatha Christie and not the real world if the legendary writer was alive and familiar with Apple's ecosystem: English authorities arrested a man who killed his wife to get her millionaire life insurance, use it your frozen vehicles and run away with the lover to the other side of the world. What reported the criminal? Nothing less than the app Health, from the iPhone.

Who brought the story was the Guardian: 37-year-old pharmacist Mitesh Patel spent five years planning the murder of his wife, Jessica Patel, 34. The British-Indian plan was to make the death look like the work of a thief so that he would receive the two. Millions (approximately $ 10 million) of Jessica's life insurance and recommitting life in Australia with her lover, with whom she had been related for at least six years. He would even use his wife's frozen vehicles to raise children and start a new family.

Mitesh Patel, convicted of murdering his wife Jessica over Sade iPhone appMitesh and Jessica Patel

The plan was put into practice on May 14 of that year, and Mitesh, unfortunately, was successful: at night, he strangled Jessica with a plastic bag after injecting her with a dose of insulin to disable her. Then he ran around the house, breaking personal effects and knocking over furniture to make the crime scene look like a home invasion.

It sounded like a foolproof plan if it wasn't for the two iPhones in Mitesh's and Jessica's. The criminal's apparatus recorded intense activity for several minutes after the crime, indicating his actions to cover up the murder; The victim's, meanwhile, did not record any activity for minutes after death, but picked up again when Mitesh picked up the phone and discarded it on the sidewalk, making it look like the bad guy would have dropped the iPhone while fleeing.

Initially, Mitesh informed the authorities that he had gone to buy food and, on his return, found the raided house and his dead wife. The records of the iPhones, however, put this version under suspicion, as the hours reported by the criminal did not match the activities recorded by the Sade app.

In sync, the app data on both iPhones left no doubt. Mitesh confessed to the crime in front of a British court last week; The jury present took just under three hours to find him guilty. Now the perpetrator can get a sentence of at least 30 years in jail, with the possibility of coming to life imprisonment if a decision is to be announced soon.

What a story, saw

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