IOS 9 ‚ÄúRedondezas‚ÄĚ feature starts to be made available to Brazilian users [atualizado]

IOS 9 ‚ÄúRedondezas‚ÄĚ feature starts to be made available to Brazilian users [atualizado]

Siri and Apple Maps won good improvements on iOS 9. Want an example? The resource "Suggestions from Siri" (General Settings Spotlight Search).

To access it, just swipe from left to right on the Home Screen and you will see suggestions for contacts, apps and interesting places nearby (in the following categories: Restaurants, Bars, Convenience stores, Nightlife, Banks and cashiers, Markets, Movies, etc.). THE "Surroundings" it is directly linked to Apple Maps and, of course, it is also shown in the native iOS application including subcategories!

Unfortunately this feature of location indications was not available in Brazil in the launch of iOS 9, but it seems that now Apple has started to release it to Brazilians.

Apparently there is nothing that the user can do to force the activation of the feature the way to wait for it to appear on your device. Apple has also not yet confirmed the release of the resource on the page ‚ÄúiOS 9 – Availability of resources‚ÄĚ, but apparently a matter of time until painting there and in the iGadgets of all Brazilian users.

This whole space on the Search screen really needed to be filled. ūüėä

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Update by Rafael Fischmann · 12/19/2015 at 10:30 am

Many who were viewing the appeal yesterday claim it is now gone. Either it was released by mistake, or it was just initial testing by Apple. It's hard to say for sure