IOS 9 codes indicate great improvements for the front camera (FaceTime) of the future iPhone

As always, the codes for a new operating system launched by Apple reveal some clues as to what we may see from news in the not too distant future.

Running iOS 9, the developer Hamza Sood found references to a front camera (FaceTime) capable of filming in 1080p or in current 720p, but at 240 frames per second, the possibility of taking panoramic photos, in addition to codes indicating the presence of a flash!

IPhone 6/6 Plus FaceTime HD camera

Let's face it: the front camera of the iPhones 6/6 Plus leaves a lot to be desired.

To make video calls, it works fine, but when it comes to taking a picture, things change.

It is undeniable that competition is very much ahead of Apple in this regard and, if the rumor is confirmed, it is still a beautiful answer from Apple.

In addition to improvements in the front camera, the rear should also receive good progress according to other rumors.


(via 9to5Mac)