iOS 9.3: Wi-Fi calls feature starts to appear for Vivo customers [atualizado 2x]

iOS 9.3: Wi-Fi calls feature starts to appear for Vivo customers [atualizado 2x]

At the end of 2015, customers of Live now have access to the TU Go app.

When installing the app, operator customers can make and receive calls, in addition to sending SMS messages without the need for the cellular network. As? Through the Wi-Fi network. TU Go takes advantage of the internet connection to carry out cellular services, something ideal for those who usually travel abroad and is indispensable for those places with weak operator coverage.

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In addition to an iOS app, there are also for Android and Windows Phone platforms not to mention go.tu, allowing you to use your phone even from your computer. THE Tecnoblog explained exactly how it works, in case you want more information.

But why are we talking about this, now? I explain.

Outside, since the launch of iOS 9, Apple has released a feature called Wi-Fi Calling (Wi-Fi connections). Until then it was not available to any of the Brazilian operators, but with the arrival of iOS 9.3, some users realized that the feature started to be activated.

This means that, from now on, Vivo customers can use the resource natively. That is, even with a weak operator signal, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or if you are traveling, with the roaming voice / data disabled but connected to a Wi-Fi network, being able to make / receive calls without the slightest problem.

Unlike TU Go, the Wi-Fi Connections feature only covers calls, and does not include SMS. But let's face it, with a Wi-Fi network available, no one really wants to know more about SMS (after all, iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and company are here to stay).

Without a doubt, a great novelty that should be supported by all national operators.

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Update · 03/23/2016 s 12:56

In contact with , Vivo clarified that Ligaes por Wi-Fi does include SMS messages. That is, if there is no signal from the operator, just be connected to a Wi-Fi network to receive / make calls and receive / send messages without any difficulty.

It is also worth noting that calls and SMS are normally deducted from your plan. You pay absolutely nothing to receive / make calls and receive / send SMS via Wi-Fi, but all of this is obviously linked to the consumption of your plan.

Finally, the feature apparently for now is only available for Individual accounts (does not work on business plans).

Update II · 03/23/2016 s 15:18

In a new contact, Vivo informed that by the end of this year it plans to offer the TU Go Wi-Fi service (consequently, the Wi-Fi Connections) for corporate plans.