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iOS 9.1 and tvOS reach their fourth and third beta versions, respectively [atualizado 2x]

Apple has just made available to developers the iOS 9.1 beta 4 (build 13B136) and the tvOS beta 3 (build 13T5379f), less than a week after iOS 9.1 beta 3 and less than two after tvOS beta 2.

IOS 9.1 should be released for iGadgets until November, with the arrival of the iPad Pro to the market. TvOS is the new Apple TV operating system, which will be released this month.

Today also came out for developers the Xcode 7.1 beta 3.

Update · 10/06/2015 s 17:16

IOS 9.1 beta 4 has also been released for members of the Apple Beta Software Program.

Update II · 10/06/2015 at 19:49

Ma also made available today the Apple Configurator 2.1 beta (build 3B28), an app for OS X 10.11 that makes it easy to set up and put into production groups of similar or identical iOS devices.