IOS 14 codes reveal alleged “Apple Glasses” controller

IOS 14 codes reveal alleged “Apple Glasses” controller

A few weeks ago, the 9to5Mac commented on a supposed augmented reality software called "Gobi", present in the codes of iOS 14. Now the MacRumors he added that the information leaked from this system also shows an image of a generic controller for the hardware, which resembles HTC's Vive (launched in 2016).

This gives even more credibility to the possibility of Apple launching a headset of AR / VR in 2021 or 22. As we know, the existence of this project was confirmed last year, when iOS 13 codes already brought information about this device, popularly called "Apple Glasses".

Apple's supposed AR / VR controller

Given the basic design of the controller, it is suspected that this version is for internal testing only. If that is really the case and Apple releases such a device, it is likely that the commercial version of the hardware will have a more premium.

Still according to the MacRumors, a particularly interesting augmented reality experience that Apple would be testing a “crosswalk bowling game”, in which company engineers toss a virtual bowling ball across the crosswalk to knock down the virtual bowling pins (from across the street) while waiting for the traffic lights to close to cross.

Most interestingly, this game can only be triggered at an intersection near an Apple office in Sunnyvale (California), near Apple Park.

Apple Bowling AR / VR Experience

Last November, we commented on the possibility that Valve (one of the most prominent companies in the field of augmented reality) is contributing to the development of "Apple Glasses". However, given the similarity between the supposed controller of Apple and the option marketed by HTC, it is likely that the company is counting on the help of even more hands.