iOS 14: Check out 6 new iPhone features you'll love

iOS 14: Check out 6 new iPhone features you'll love

New iOS 14 brings new interface and new features, including widgets and even an App Library

The new iOS 14, iPhone's operating system, brings a redesigned interface with a host of new features. Among the novelties, the ones that drew most attention were those related to the new concept of home screen, which brings widgets and an Apps Library to reorganize applications.

According to the Apple, the beta version of the new operating system is expected to reach the public in July for models starting with the iPhone 6S. And you can also check if your iPhone receives the update with iOS 14 (and when).

Check out six new iOS 14 features that will make you love the iPhone even more:

Widgets: new design, new place

Widgets in the new iOS 14 interface Widgets can be added to the home screen on iOS 14

Well, that Android feature finally made it to Apple smartphones. And these new widgets represent the biggest change to the iOS home screen in years.

The widgets now they vary in size and have a combination of beauty and design information. And now they can also be fixed to the home screen in an integrated way with other applications. Until then, they were available on a separate screen.

Widgets on the new iOS 14 Widgets appear integrated with home screen apps

To add them to the home screen, the iOS 14 it even offers a library of widgets, where users can select and customize according to themes and needs, such as work, travel, entertainment etc.

The new operating system even offers an area that automatically displays the relevant widgets and apps according to the time of day, location and activity of the iPhone. For example, when you wake up in the morning the weather and calendar widgets would be displayed.

App Library: better organize your home screen

IOS 14 App Library App Library organizes all installed applications

This feature organizes apps into groups and lists automatically. Thanks to this new screen, it is now possible to hide some app icon pages from the “main” home screen. another feature similar to what Android offers, but with a greater capacity for grouping applications. The first category, for example, brings suggestions with apps that you use most.

The idea of ​​this library is to facilitate navigation through all the applications installed on the iPhone without overloading the home screen pages with icons. The new screen is on the right side of the last page of the home screen.

At the top of Apps Library, there are two folders: Suggestions and Recently Installed. Both update automatically according to what you are using and installing on the iPhone. In the search field, d to search for apps by typing the name or searching for it in an alphabetical list.

Picture-in-picture, a very practical feature

Picture-in-Picture on iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture allows videos to run on top of other apps

Good news for users accustomed to multitasking on the iPhone that the iOS 14 now has Picture-in-Picture for videos. This other feature is similar to what Android and even the iPad itself already offer.

After opening a video, you can place it in the corner of the screen and on top of other apps. You can even adjust the size of the window dedicated to the video or hide it completely, leaving only the audio playing at the bottom of what you are doing on the smartphone screen. A really practical feature.

Pin conversations to the top of your message list

Conversations pinned on iOS 14 D to fix contacts and groups conversations at the top

One of the new features in Apple’s standard messaging app on iOS 14 that now can fix important conversations, so they can be seen at the top of the app. the same feature that already exists in WhatsApp.

This feature is very useful if you have conversations and groups that you access very often. Now it will be easier and more practical to access conversations with best friends and family groups, for example.

Tag people in messages

Menes in messages on iOS 14 Just type ‘@’ and the contact’s name to mention them in a message

Speaking of groups, now you can reply to specific messages within them, building a “thread” (or “thread“) In the conversation itself, and tag people to direct messages to her.

In addition, an interesting visual feature that at the top of the group is a small display with pictures of the most active people in it. The messaging app Apple it also allows you to create a unique visual identity for your group.

Use the Translator app for texts and conversations

wwdc 2020 ios 14 Siri as a simultaneous translator one of the most interesting new features in iOS 14

This application will already be integrated with iOS 14. Like Google Translate, the app's goal is to make life easier for those who need to translate words and phrases, whether for work or everyday conversations with foreigners. It works even without an internet connection and allows you to have conversations in real time, in different languages.

In the application interface, it will be possible to type the text or dictate it. And when using it keeping the iPhone horizontal, the application enters a kind of “conversation mode”, which captures the audio and translates it continuously.

At first, the app will be able to translate the entered term or phrase into up to 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

Introducing the new iOS 14

The new Apple operating system was introduced during the WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference), the worldwide conference for developer partners of the company. This year's edition of the event was completely virtual, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Other news announced by Apple in relation to the new operating system for iPhone were the new design of the virtual assistant Siri, new features for personalizing memojis and App Clips, a new way to access applications.

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Source: CNET