IOS 14 beta is now available. Learn how to install the new operating system on your iPhone

IOS 14 beta is now available. Learn how to install the new operating system on your iPhone

You can now try the new mobile operating system from Apple. The public beta version of iOS 14 was released this Thursday, July 9th, and it is possible to install it manually.

The update brings with it some new features that promise to change the way you interact with your smartphone and tablet, starting with the new app drawer and ending with widgets, which can now be accommodated on your device's homescreen. The Siri interaction app has also been redesigned, to be less intrusive, and there is now a viewing mode that allows you to watch a video while browsing other applications.

For the time being, the installation is still optional, since it is a trial version. And Apple leaves a warning to the navigation: there may be some bugs. These constraints are typical of beta versions, but they can prevent some applications from working properly, negatively impact the phone's autonomy and cause some unexpected shutdowns – it's all part of the process.

At this stage, it is recommended that you install iOS 14 on an old iPhone or, in the case of iPadOS 14, on an old iPad, to check which apps are running at full speed, and then make the decision to install it on your smartphone. This is, of course, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also note that, over the next few weeks, Apple is expected to release updates and patches for the operating system, which may or may not imply new problems and solutions to the constraints it encounters in this beta version.

Another recommendation that should be emphasized is the backup. Ensure the protection of your data and files before installing. Keep everything on an external disk, on a computer or in the cloud before installing the iOS 14 beta, not only to avoid losing files, but also because backups made to a device with this version of the operating system will not be able to be accessed afterwards if you decide to return iOS 13 – only possible with a factory reset.

For now, the devices supported by iOS 14 are: iPhone 6s and all other newer models, iPad Air 2e and all other newer models, all iPad Pro models, iPad Mini 4 or newer and the fifth iPad generation or later. For a more detailed list, follow this link.

How to install the public beta version of iOS 14 / iPadOS 14

Start by visiting the Apple Beta Software Program page on the device where you want to install the software. Then sign up with your credentials and accept the terms and conditions. Select iOS (for iPhone) or iPadOS (for iPad), depending on the equipment where you want to install the operating system, read all alerts and then click on Download Profile. Follow the installation of the beta tester profile, activate it in the equipment settings and restart it whenever requested.