iOS 13 with 40 new features, including Dark Mode and renewed Siri

Concept: iOS 13 with 40 new features, including Dark Mode and renewed Siri

Respond quickly: what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of resources that iOS need to receive urgently? Fear nothing: whatever it is, it is certainly represented in this concept for the iOS 13 created by AppleiDesigner in partnership with Skyline News.

The video presenting the ideas of the designer team is basically a check list of all the features most requested by users in recent years, starting with a Dark Mode complete to match the interface introduced in macOS Mojave – and that would certainly acquire an incredible look on the OLED screens of the most expensive iPhones (and still save their battery).

Speaking of OLED, devices with screens of this type would still receive a feature of always-on display, where the date, time, and icons for four apps /widgets customizable, always on a black background.

Other interesting news would include mode Picture-In-Picture and Split View for the iPhone and less intrusive interfaces for Siri, volume control and incoming calls (which would no longer occupy the entire screen, but only a portion of it).

The iPad would also gain exclusive features, such as switching users (available directly from the Control Center) and a Guest Mode, in addition to Magic Mouse support.

Ah, the tablet would also (finally) get a calculator app to call its own.

Want more? Well, there is the possibility of pausing video recording, personalizing Lock Screen elements, redesigned icons, social tab on Apple Music, camera with artificial intelligence object detection and advanced settings in the app itself, button to close all apps on multitasking screen, feature to block applications with Touch / Face ID, Siri suggestions on iMessage… yeah, the list is long.

It’s certainly asking too much for Apple to include all of this in a single iOS update, but it never hurts to dream.

Which of the above resources are you most looking forward to?

via 9to5Mac