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iOS 13 will force WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to change; understand

They thought we had broken up all the news of the coming iOS 13? Because they found it wrong, and the change that we will now address may require that very popular apps like Whatsapp it's the Facebook Messenger, change an important aspect of how it works.

How did you bring the The information, the new version of Apple's operating system brings a change in the way applications with functionality VoIP (ie with internet phone calls) operate. Beginning with iOS 13, the background processes of these apps will be restricted to work only with the calls themselves, preventing apps like WhatsApp from using the function to capture user data or perform other tasks.

I explain: Until iOS 12, Ma's system, say, liberal about how VoIP applications work. The API PushKit VoIP allows WhatsApp, for example, to run in the background at all times to receive calls, and this silent process is used by the application to perform other tasks, such as establishing end-to-end messenger encryption or capturing location and usage data. .

This is exactly what is changing. Starting with iOS 13, PushKit VoIP can be used only for receiving and making calls, and any other processes must be performed by applications in some other way. This means that apps will have to get some of their operation rebuilt especially in the case of WhatsApp, which uses the API to maintain one of its most important features (end-to-end encryption).

Looking at Apple's prism, the understandable change: It's part of the company's recent move to restrict data capture by third-party apps to the full, thereby further strengthening the iPhone's image as a secure, privacy-conscious device. from the user. In addition, the battery of smartphones will benefit, with fewer background processes requiring power from the handsets.

From developers, on the other hand, there is work to be done. According to Facebook, however, there is no reason to worry. In statement to The information, the company's app development team stated the following:

The changes in future versions of iOS are not insignificant, but we are talking to Apple to define our strategies. To be clear, we are using the PushKit VoIP API to deliver a first-class, private messaging experience, not for the purpose of collecting data.

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via MacRumors