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iOS 13 will bring mouse and trackpad support on iPads and iPhones; check out other news [atualizado]

After the initial post-keynote moments, when we are all still processing the most relevant news announced by Apple, there comes a moment when we delve into the minor details, which were dropped by Ma at the event but are equally noteworthy.

Next, let's take a look at the small news and changes discovered so far, this from iOS 13 and the new iPadOS 13.

Check out:

Mouse support

As speculated, iOS 13 finally allows users to connect a Mouse or one trackpad to the iPad to control the pointer tablet and all. The feature is available in the accessibility part of the device and is focused precisely on users with motor difficulties.

Hello, mouse support on iOS 13! AssistiveTouch tool, and works with the mouse connected via USB. Federico Viticci got it right.

It was initially speculated that support would be limited to the mouse, but Steve Troughton-Smith himself later confirmed that pointer control works too if you plug the Magic Trackpad into the iPad via USB. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use the feature via Bluetooth either with mouse or trackpad. (See update below.)

Another good news was confirmed by Troughton-Smith: the feature is not limited to the iPad only. Yes, iPhones and iPods touch can also have a mouse or trackpad connected via USB (with the right adapter, of course) to be controlled with the cursor.

The cursor may be a bit weird (because it's not a traditional mouse pointer, it's a "replacement" for your finger), but the good news, isn't it?

Download large apps over cellular network

A few days ago, we commented on how Apple has increased the limit of downloads and updates from the App Store per mobile network from 150MB to 200MB. Starting with iOS 13, however, this limit will be optional: The user can, in Settings, choose to download apps or updates of any size over the cellular (3G / 4G) network.

That is, if you want to spend your entire internet franchise to download Asphalt 9 in an endless bank queue soon, you can.

Joysticks on iPhone and iPad

One of the biggest buzzing moments at WWDC19 was when Tim Cook announced that Apple TV would be supporting the world's two most famous joysticks: Xbox One S wireless controller and PlayStation 4 DualShock 4. But guess what? : Controllers can also be used on iPhone and iPad!

iOS 13 support Xbox One control and DualShock 4 on iPhone, too.

The inclusion was already expected Apple Arcade, after all, will be available on both platforms and it is expected that Apple wants to feed its game service with as many subscribers as possible. This will be very interesting!

Other news

The other news has not yet been unraveled by journalists and developers who have already put their hands on the beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Still, the famous “other news screen” displayed on the keynote anticipates some interesting improvements; Below, we highlight some that caught our attention.

  • Network Selection Wi-Fi in Control Center;
  • Mode for little data usage;
  • Possibility of mute calls from unknown senders only;
  • Siri Suggestions on Safari;
  • Support for Dual-SIM on FaceTime and iMessage;
  • Separate keys for the emoji keyboard and the language setting (the globe key);
  • Support for “jagged” screen sizes in CarPlay;
  • Collaboration read-only in Notes;
  • Light mode in CarPlay;
  • Including speakers AirPlay 2 in the Home app automations;
  • Option to configure reading goals at Apple Books;
  • The can block senders in Mail;
  • Enhanced Search Photos and iMessage;
  • Reproduction in Dolby atmosphere.

Cool, isn't it? We will be aware of more news stay tuned!

Update by Rafael Fischmann 06/05/2019 s 09:07

O tweet Steve Troughton-Smith's original (above) hinted that mouse support on the iPad was working via USB, but there are already multiple reports of people who were able to connect mice and trackpads Bluetooth no problem which makes perfect sense.

Steven Aquino also explained in a thread on Twitter, that Apple had been working on this support for years and that the focus of the same thing on accessibility is that for people who need such a peripheral to interact with the iPad / iPhone, although it is only natural that users will generally end up using it. appeal by personal preference.

Even so, Apple did well in the implementation:

Using a mouse with #iPadPro on # iOS13 is really a transformative experience. The level of customizations is already amazing. This is what you can do with a #logitech 5-button mouse.

Cool! 😊