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iOS 13 will allow Siri direct integration with music services like Spotify

Since Apple opened the Siri API for developers, a lack has been deeply felt by users and developers of the company's ecosystem: the ability to integrate digital assist with platforms. musicals. Sure, you can create some pranksters through Siri Shortcuts, but even iOS 12 couldn't directly control web services. streamingas the Spotify or the Pandora, by the assistant. Now that changes.

From iOS 13, Apple expand the SiriKit (the Assistant Integration API) to allow the tool to be connected to third party music and podcast services. This will allow you to eventually control the playback of your favorite app only with your voice by issuing commands such as ‚ÄúTap Beatles on Spotify‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúPlay the latest episode of on Pocket Casts‚ÄĚ.

This, of course, is not up to Apple alone: ‚Äč‚Äčdevelopers behind the apps in question will have to update the apps to open support. Speaking specifically of Spotify, considering that Apple's relations with the company are a little under ideal in recent months, one might think that Swedes may turn a blind eye but nothing like a push on the service forums to voice interest in integration. Crab.

Streaming on watchOS

Still talking about music apps, but changing platforms, a change in the watchOS 6 be able to allow Apple Watch users transmit audio third-party services directly to the watch, thus further reducing the dependence of Watch on the iPhone.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Up to watchOS 5, apps like Spotify for Apple Watch exist as an extension of the iPhone app to stream audio through your smartphone and sent to the watch. If you are using Watch separately (for a cellular connection, for example), you will not be able to listen to music that is not downloaded to it, as the system does not allow audio transmission directly to the watch.

With watchOS 6, this changes: New APIs will allow audio to be streamed to Apple Watch without iPhone intermediation, further deepening watch independence and allowing music, podcast and audiobook apps to add the ability to listen to any content anywhere. time.

As with Siri, of course, developers need to embrace the novelty, but because it is such a long-awaited improvement, they are likely to run with open arms towards it as quickly as possible.

via MacRumors