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iOS 13 tracks possible iPhones with USB-C connector (or not)

Since the 2018 Pro iPads came up with a connector USB-C instead of the traditional Lightning, speculation began as to whether (or when) iPhones would make a similar transition. So far, however, the general expectation is that if Apple really has a plan to eventually abandon its proprietary connection, this should not happen for now.

A clue found in the first beta of the iOS 13However, they are putting a little doubt in people's hearts.

The Apple Enthusiast Raphal mouton noticed that in the new version of the operating system, the iOS recovery screen has changed: in place of iTunes (which is dead) and the Lightning cable, we have a figurine representing a Mac and a different cable that, in every respect, It looks very much like having a USB-C connector.

# IOS13 # iOS13Beta We don't have more Lightning and iTunes on the restore screen, but USB-C? Is it a future utility for the iPhone on the Mac?

Mouton also points to the suspicion that macOS may have a new iPhone recovery utility on the Mac, but it seems that this function will be under the responsibility of Finder as well as all device sync tools left homeless after the release. end of iTunes.

Now, just speculation: yes, the picture shows a USB-C connector and this may be an indication that we'll see iPhones with the port coming soon. Rumors corroborating this notion abound, and I think much of the public is rooting for this change, dreaming of a future where the whole world is USB-C and the proprietary connections have their well-deserved demise.

On the other hand, there is another more likely perspective: that Apple will simply exchange current Lightning / USB-A cables for Lightning / USB-C, shipping into the box of 2019 iPhones with this input (and possibly faster, like the 18W Pro iPads). Makes sense to the engraving, after all, indicates that a cable is connected to a generic Apple notebook, and all recent MacBooks (Pro, Air) have USB-C inputs.

And you, what do you guys think?

tip of Marcus Toninivia HYPEBEAST