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iOS 13 should have improvements focused on iPad

O iOS 12 nor left yet. If Apple follows its traditional timeline, it will be revealed to the world during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018, which will happen in early June. Some rumors about the twelfth version have already appeared (it should be well focused on quality / safety), but that does not stop us from talking about the iOS 13, which will only be released in 2019!

In a chat on Twitter, Mark Gurman (gives Bloomberg) released a few hitherto unknown information about the future operating system.

The first information (not as pertinent as that) is the iOS 13 codename, which would be Yukon. Apple has a tradition of internally naming snowy locations / ski resorts for iOS versions. So the name makes sense, since the new choice fits that profile.

Going into the features themselves, Gurman said that iOS 13 comes with a new Archives app (Files) and an improvement in the system as a whole, making documents not necessarily need to be tied to an application itself. In addition, having tabs within some applications (as we are used to on macOS), having the ability to run two screens of the same app in mode Split View (split screen) and come with Apple Pencil improvements.

The thirteenth version of Apple's mobile operating system would also come with a redesign of the Home Screen (Home Screen) and the new design would be very focused / thought on the iPad.

Some of the news above has already been shared by Gurman, but in fact he now mentioned new things in an unassuming way and, as he has a great history when it comes to Apple leaks, the likelihood that this will all be true. On the other hand, we are a little distant from 2019 and some plans may still change until then.