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IOS 13 new feature will block calls from unknown numbers

The proliferation of message spam This is something that many apps and email clients are used to dealing with. Even Mail (which, let's face it, is "abandoned" by Apple) has a good filter for such messages. But when you get spam for calls, how do you protect yourself? Well, there are some famous apps on the App Store, like Truecaller, but Apple wants to nip it in the bud. iOS 13.


The new feature is called “Silence Unknown Callers” and well, it does exactly what the name says. When you enable it, Siri reviews your contacts, emails, and messages to see if such a call number is present somewhere (that is, if at least you have already communicated with the person in some way). If so, the call released; otherwise Siri automatically directs the call to voicemail.

O MacRumors tested the feature and said it worked partially well. This is because, when activated, the function efficiently directs calls from totally unknown numbers to voicemail; however, during the test, they exchanged emails mentioning the number somewhere to see if Siri identified the number and released the call, but were unsuccessful the call was forwarded to voicemail.

Obviously, we are still in the first beta of iOS 13 and, until the release of the final release, the entire system and its features will be refined to fix examples like this.

Can the problem be completely resolved? Hardly, but it is still another step to prevent you from being harassed every day with calls you do not want to receive.