[iOS 13] How to connect a PS4 or Xbox wireless controller to your iPhone or iPad

THE iOS 13 This is great for anyone who wants to play on their iPhone or iPad using an external controller (also known as a joystick): PS4 and Xbox wireless controller compatibility.

Check out this article how to connect these controls to your device.

Already 6 years old from longnquo iOS 7, which introduced the compatibility of physical game controls in the system. But there was a catch: games should adapt their code to this compatibility, within the MFi standard.

Because they are specific controls and need Apple certification, they tend to cuddle. In Brazil, one of these hardly comes out for less than $ 500.

But iOS 13 makes iOS natively compatible with a DualShock 4 or Xbox One S used in home consoles. With that, either you already use the ones you have at home or buy one for a much cheaper price than the old ones.

How to configure

The setup is as simple as pairing with the console:

STEP 1: Open iOS Settings from the Bluetooth menu.

STEP 2: Enable pairing mode on the control.

  • on DualShock 4 this is done by holding down the Share button and the PlayStation button for a few seconds
  • Xbox One S or X, press and hold the connect button on the top of the controller

xbox one controller

STEP 3: In the iOS Bluetooth menu, the device name should appear. Tap it to connect to iPhone or iPad.

Ready! It can now be used in games compatible with MFi controls, such as:

Remember that this tutorial is only for devices already upgraded to iOS 13 or later.