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iOS 13 has feature to combat battery aging

Drums Undoubtedly, Apple's main user complaint. Doubt? So take a look at this research we did. While the XS Max and XR iPhones have the best batteries ever seen on Ma smartphones, we know this can always get better. And, at least on the software side, Apple is trying to do its part: while it does not influence anything in the short term, the iOS 13 Comes with a new feature that promises to combat the aging of this important component.

In Apple's words, iOS 13 has a “Optimized battery charging”. This is a new option that helps to slow down the battery's aging rate, reducing the amount of time iPhone spends fully charged (when you charge it and go to sleep, for example) and still being powered. The iPhone understands your daily recharge routine so it will postpone recharging beyond 80% only when you really need it.

Got confused? So follow the reasoning!

How Batteries Work Today

Lithium-ion batteries that basically equip any device today are somewhat sensitive to electrical currents during charging; This gets a little worse, let's say, when the load approaches 100%.

Currently, iOS battery management allows devices to quickly charge up to 80% of battery capacity so all of course depends on factors such as temperature, cycles and more before turning the key to slower charging designed to extend life. Useful of a battery. That's why the iPhone goes from 0% to 10% battery much faster than 90% to 100%.

How to work on iOS 13

Well, on iOS 13, instead of just using this completely predetermined management, the system uses machine learning to understand its daily loading routine in order to slow this process down to the most appropriate time.

Using the above example (of putting the iPhone to recharge at night), iOS 13 understands that you always leave the phone plugged in for six hours, and instead of going from 0% to 100% in three hours, it will delay charging to that your phone stays less connected 100% power.

IOS 13 Optimized Battery Charging FeatureOpting out of iOS 13 Optimized Battery Charging

The feature, of course, can be turned on / off by the user after all, if you are on a trip using your iPhone a lot (going to sleep late and getting up very early), this kind of management might get a little messy as it may take longer to The handset reach 100% battery.

Now, we hope that the 2019 iPhones come with even better batteries!

via AppleInsider