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IOS 13 Dark Mode Screenshot Gallery

As we followed yesterday at the presentation of the iOS 13, one of the big new features of the new operating system for iPhones and iPods touch (yes, because the one on iPad is now called “iPadOS” although in practice it's almost the same thing) Dark Mode (Dark mode), which first came to MacOS last year in the Mojave version, and is now landing in the mobile world.

Interestingly and coincidentally, Android is only officially gaining a dark theme this year as its 10 Q version comes out in August. The difference, of course, is that Google's system flexibility allows manufacturers for years to offer tailored versions of Android with built-in Dark Mode which can also be accomplished by installing some launcher any. Anyway, ramble.

On iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Dark Mode can be turned on either manually or automatically (by sunset, for example, as with Night shift). Manually, this can be done by Adjustments (within “Screen and Brightness”) or directly by the Control Center.

In addition to “reversing” light to dark colors in the system and apps, Dark Mode also darkens various aspects of the interface such as the wallpaper itself. Thus, it makes sense to use it as if it were a “Night Mode” (for those who prefer it this way).

Our collaborator Vincius Porto compiled numerous iOS 13 screenshots running in Dark Mode for you to check out how it all looks. Click / tap to enlarge:

And who wants to switch to iOS in Dark Mode? 😉