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iOS 13: Concept Brings News to iPad, including Enhanced Multitasking

Who is excited for the iOS 13? Rumors indicate that Apple's next mobile operating system upgrade should focus more closely on the iPadand, armed with this (supposed) information, the designer Daniel Korpai decided to conceptualize some news that he would like to see in the update more specifically, regarding all the multitasking part of the tablet.

IOS 13 Concept

The whole concept of Korpai focuses on the idea that iPad multitasking (Pro, presumably) should be more flexible and have more possibilities.

In the designer's imagination, the Split view It could accommodate a large number of apps, with up to three of them visible simultaneously. Just swipe with three fingers across the screen to reach the other apps, and touch and hold the top bar to rearrange them to your liking.

IOS 13 Concept

The change would also make drag-and-drop between applications much simpler, as you would have a much wider range of possibilities by simply tapping and holding the element you wanted to drag, and bringing it to the desired app between a huge options carousel. .

IOS 13 Concept

In the Korpai concept, a Finder would also be added to the iPad, a kind of evolution of the Archives app we have today. The app would have tabs, four view modes, a quick view utility for various file types and a sidebar with the most accessed folders and tags ie basically a transposition of what we already have on Mac for years.

In general, it does not seem to me to be ideas that are particularly overly traveled or far away. Both the concept and the form of presentation chosen by the designer are likely to appear in the near future, and Apple could take a look at Korpai's creations for a breakthrough. inspiration. Can it happen?

via Cult of Mac