IOS 13 concept brings a compilation of all the most requested update features

THE WWDC19 are already almost between us, and judging by the amount of concepts we have already seen for the coming iOS 13, it can be said that Apple's mobile operating system upgrade is probably the most anticipated novelty of the conference. Now one more designer has ventured to put on paper (or screen) his main expectations for the future system.

The concept of lvaro Pabesio For iOS 13, in many ways, it's a fine-tuned compilation of what we've seen in the work of other designers. We have here all the most requested features for the upgrade, as a Dark mode which covers all applications and system elements and is easily enabled or disabled by time parameters or the Control Center.

We also have a Files app (Files) Renewed and more airy Finder: Pabesio's idea involves a sidebar, where services, folders, tags and external volumes would be gathered (since, in concept, iPads Pro would bring them support), and tabs support for Easy navigation between directories.

Specifically on iPads, iOS 13 would bring new accessibility features as already speculated to control the tablet with an external mouse or trackpad. It would be possible to create multiple users on the device by switching between them with a long tap on the outside button and a brief Face ID authentication. You could also tap the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar to quickly connect or disconnect devices.

One of the coolest parts of the concept is the Continuity feature expansion. With it, you could use iPad (and Apple Pencil) as a drawing surface for Mac applications; iPhone apps, in turn, could be opened on the tablet for quick checks (like WhatsApp, for example).

Pabesio also envisioned a renewal for several of the standard iOS apps: Reminders (Reminders) would have a much more refined interface, with tabs differentiating the types of tasks listed; the Music (Music) would have simplified your navigation with a smarter search engine; Mail would separate messages by type and bring attachment recognition and a new standard for digital signatures; o Messages (Messages), in turn, would have the addition of profiles with usernames and a new home screen.

Want more? We've got more including a more discreet volume indicator in the upper left corner of the screen, a download tool in Safari, a new widget layout, and a Search My Friends tool (Find My Friends) embedded in Apple Maps.

Concept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro PabesioConcept for iOS 13 by lvaro Pabesio

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