IOS 13 changes involving localization are anticompetitive, developers say

IOS 13 changes involving localization are anticompetitive, developers say

A small change in iOS 13 It is causing a great controversy.

As we noticed from this upcoming system catch-up, Apple has changed the way third-party apps can handle web capture. location of users. Previously, consumers were offered three options: “Always Allow”, “While Using the App” or “Never”. Beginning with iOS 13, the first option changes to allow “During App Usage” the “Always Allow” option is still available, but users need to go to Settings to enable it (presumably few will). .

Apple justifies the novelty as (more) a way to protect users from potential data collection abuses, but a group of developers find the change abusive and anti-competitive. According to them, Ma has implemented the new policy to curb the operation of popular applications and thus highlight their own apps that, integrated into the system, can circumvent these limitations.

How did you bring the The information, a group of seven iOS developers emailed CEO Tim Cook complaining about the change. The apps they maintain are all dependent on permanent location capture, and developers warn that if users aren't “knowledgeable enough” to change iOS privacy settings, apps may just crash.

Among the companies that signed the email, we have the Zendrive, a Happn, a Tile and the Zenly, which develops the homonymous app maintained by Snap. In the latter case, the developers added to the app a secondary screen instructing users on how to change the system's privacy settings to keep Zenly running; the solution, however, is considered inelegant and detrimental to the user's experience.

The email reminds us that Apple's own applications like Search, they do not have to go through the same process to capture users' location continuously, which would mean favoring the Cupertino giant for its own apps. The developers also suggest a solution: a two-step process in which users would release, in their own configuration of apps, continuous location capture.

Apple did not respond directly to developers, but said in a statement to the The information, who work with companies to come up with a solution that pleases all parties. The Cupertino giant also recalled that it has implemented the changes to make the App Store a safer place for all its users, and that even many of its own applications are subject to change. security.

We will be aware, therefore, of the future developments of this story.

via MacRumors