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iOS 13: Changes in the Shortcuts app, which gets automatic actions

We have already detailed here all about the app Shortcuts and the feature Siri Shortcuts, released next to iOS 12. Now with the presentation of iOS 13, Apple decided to promote some changes highlighted by the TechCruch that are worth mentioning.

Shortcuts app vs. Siri Shortcuts

As we speak, with the Shortcuts app you can create or download shortcuts (small letter, recipe type) that take advantage of a number of system resources to automate or simplify tasks in other apps, native or not.

Siri Shortcuts, in turn, are a native feature of iOS 12 whereby you can set up shortcuts (much less powerful and complete) without downloading any apps by going to Siri and Search Settings.

Shortcut Changes - iOS 13

In iOS 13, Apple decided to end this mess / differentiation and combine the two features within the Shortcuts app, which became native to the system. When you open the “Gallery” tab, you come across the “Your Apps Shortcuts” section, which is nothing more than this old Siri Shortcuts.


Note above the difference in Siri settings (Siri and Search Settings) between iOS 12 and 13. In the current version of the system, you have the sections “Siri Shortcuts” and Shortcut Suggestions ”; In the future version, these sections no longer exist and everything is concentrated in the Shortcuts app (which really makes a lot more sense).

What's New in App Shortcuts

Shortcut Changes - iOS 13

On iOS 12, tapping a shortcut from any app brings up a screen for you to record the voice command to activate that shortcut. You are required to record this command and only then can it activate something that may bother some people, who may be ashamed to talk to the phone especially if they are doing such a setup at work, on the street, etc.

Shortcut Changes - iOS 13

On iOS 13, the system no longer asks you to record the message, but rather type the sentence, making setting these shortcuts more enjoyable in environments with other humans. It is quite true that Apple could have kept the phrase recorded by voice, thus offering both options to the user. But if I were to choose just one, that is to type the same sentence.

Apple has also implemented something much requested by developers: parameters. In practice this means that if anyone wants to find something to cook within their favorite recipe app, they can do so by shortcut to a list of their favorites; By then choosing a particular recipe, the shortcut continues to work and Siri begins to reproduce the instructions for you to cook.

This is only possible as Siri can now ask “follow-up questions”. Example: If you tell Siri to order food, the assistant may ask you what you want to order.

The shortcut editor is also more capable and allows the complete configuration of actions of an application, including the ability to transmit information into or out of action by means of parameters.

Shortcut Changes - iOS 13

This allows the actions of one application to be combined with others, thus creating more robust and multi-step shortcuts. An example: You can take a shortcut to a restaurant delivery application in which you choose the meal, order and send a message to your family stating what the dinner will be and when it arrives.

Shortcut Suggestion

Siri is also getting smarter to suggest shortcuts which should help make this feature a little more used by users.

Shortcut Changes - iOS 13

On iOS 13, Siri can detect events in your apps (as long as you allow this by enabling the “Learn from this App” option within Siri and Search Settings (app in question)) based on your usage and offer suggestions for shortcuts. This can be seen in the app's shortcut gallery, which already shows some pre-configured shortcuts based on the apps you have installed.

Shortcuts app automatic actions

The first big difference is that in the new system the native Shortcuts app is already installed by default. But the big differential now that it has a tab called Automao (Automation) whereby users can configure shortcuts that run automatically, based on various triggers.

Some of these automation actions require a notification to be sent in order for the user to touch it and activate it; others allow you to configure everything so that action happens automatically, without the need for an interaction (if you want, of course, you can still choose to receive an alert when everything starts running).

At least in the first beta of iOS 13, these are the possible automatic actions you can set up shared by MacStories:


  • Time of day: the automation is executed at the exact time chosen; There is also an option for everything to start at sunrise / sunset; In all these cases, the automation can be set to run only on the days you choose.
  • Alarm: Action begins when a certain alarm goes off or when an alarm is suspended or interrupted.
  • Apple Watch Exercise: Set the start or end of a particular type of training to trigger an automatic action.


  • Upon arrival: Perform automation when you arrive at a particular location, either at any time or within a specific time frame.
  • On leaving: Perform automation when leaving a particular location, either at any time or within a specific time frame.
  • Before you leave: Based on forecasts, the shortcut predicts that you leave home or work and triggers the automation on schedule (5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes before).
  • Carplay: Connecting or disconnecting to CarPlay can enable automation.


  • Avio Mode: Start action when mode is enabled or disabled.
  • Wifi: Get action when connecting to a specific network.
  • Bluetooth: Get action when connecting to a specific device.
  • Do not disturb: Start action when mode is enabled or disabled.
  • Low Battery Mode: Start action when mode is enabled or disabled.
  • NFC: Action starts when you touch your iPhone with a specific NFC tag you have set up.
  • Open app: Begin action when a specific application is opened.

Of course, this list may change many times until the final release of iOS 13 (either by removing one or adding many others). Still, we already have some very interesting things that can be created based on that.

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And, did you enjoy the changes?

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