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iOS 13 censors profanity at Notes handwriting recognition

Apple a very company clean: She apparently does not admit original content on Apple TV + with very heavy themes or scenes of sex and violence, and the App Store is the most sanitized digital place on planet Earth. Apparently she doesn't want you to write words in your domains, too.

In a post on Reddit, an iOS 13 beta user described curious in-app behavior Grades perceived by him: in writing words, say, inappropriate, the app is ignoring them in your handwriting recognition system.

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Notes censoring words on iOS 13

The user in question wrote the following sentence: “I am the stupidest thing that ever existed; life is fucking useless because sometime we'll all die and no one will care about us after a few years. ”

Instead of doing the sensible thing to do in this case, which would be to immediately give the boy the CVV number, Apple censored the word at the beginning of the text and replaced it with a blank line in the note's title suggestion.

O Cult of Mac He tested some other words and found that only terms considered heavier are censored by the Notes; others, lighter, are registered without problems. This, of course, refers only to English if anyone running iOS 13 beta wants to test the news in Portuguese, please leave the results below in the comments.

Apple has not commented on the news, and we are here arguing about its usefulness after all, if you write a word, surely you will have no problem seeing that word being converted into editable text, right? Maybe this is one of those cases where Ma's puritanism goes a little overboard and becomes laughable, but we'll have to wait and see if the "feature" persists in the final version of iOS 13.