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iOS 13 Brings Evidence of Possible Apple Bluetooth Tracker

O iOS 13 brought a cool news in the app Search: because it will be possible to find devices even if they are offline. As we explained, the feature is based on low-power Bluetooth signals that are sent by the device in question (such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac); If another nearby device picks up these signals, it shares the location with the network.

Very good idea, and Apple may be planning to take it forward. Exploring iOS 13 codes, the MacRumors found evidence that Ma will soon launch a bluetooth tracker Loose, similar to Tile (seen above) this is a tiny device that can be attached to important objects (such as keys, wallets or purses) and works on the same technology, being paired with an iPhone or iPad for configuration and location.

According to the codes found, Apple could possibly allow users to set up a "collar" for trackers; That is, if they move farther away from the iPhone or iPad than the one you set, the smartphone / tablet will alert you that your “X” object is far away.

ARKit icon on iOS 13

An icon found in the system files also suggests that Ma uses augmented reality to help users find lost objects, perhaps in an implementation similar to what Google has been using in Maps, but we'll have to wait and see.

Will Apple announce the accessory already in its next keynote? Let's stay tuned.