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IOS 13 Beta 7 brings more news and possible release date of new iPhones

One more beta, one more catch: yes, Apple continues to make relatively noticeable changes in the trial versions of the iOS 13 and the seventh, released yesterday, still brings a kind of spoiler when we will see the new iPhones and the final release of the new system.

Let's have a look at what's new, then?

Help a friend

The app Search now has an option at the bottom of the “I” tab called “Help a Friend”. It is nothing more than a link to the iCloud webpage where a family member or friend of yours who has lost your device can access their own account and perform the appropriate processes, such as sending an alert message or trying to locate the device.

In addition, the “Notify when found” feature, which sends an email to the user when their lost device is connected to the internet, is working again on iOS 13 beta 7.

Photo Viewing

Photo view on iOS 13 beta 7

In app PhotosBy tapping the "All Photos" option, the images are now arranged by default in three columns previously, there were five. You can, of course, use the pinch gesture with your fingers to increase or decrease the density of photos on the screen.

New Mail Option

New option for blocked senders in Mail, iOS 13 beta 7

Now you have a new choice in Mail For when you receive messages from a blocked sender: The "Mark as Blocked, Leave Inbox" option sends the email in question to your inbox, but makes it clear that that sender is blocked by you. The other two options, already existing, are either sending the message straight to the Trash or doing nothing.

Mute Unknown

New text to silence strangers on iOS 13 beta 7

IPhone has had the option to mute calls from unknown numbers for some time now, but now this setting has more revealing callout. Apple recalls that the calls in question will be silenced, sent to voicemail, and displayed in the recent calls list; calls from people in your contacts, recently called numbers or suggestions from Siri will ring normally.

Folders come back to look like before

Appearance of folders on iOS 13 beta 7

In the news of iOS 13 beta 6, we noticed how Apple had changed the look of the folders on the home screen, with a much more transparent background color. In beta 7, Ma reverted the change, and the folders are back to the more opaque gray (or dark gray if you have Dark Mode enabled).

Dark mode

Until the previous beta, Apple referred to iOS 13 Dark Mode as Dark Appearance, or Dark appearance. Now, like the people, she came to call him Dark mode including iOS in Portuguese, which should be translated soon.

Other changes

The seventh test version of iOS 13 also brought two fixes: now you can now delete attachments (like photos, documents or links) from iMessage again and the preferences of the mode Do not disturb are syncing correctly between iPhone and Apple Watch.

Bonus: Possible Release Dates

This discovery comes straight from the iHelpBR: The site has discovered internal system files that indicate possible dates for the introduction of the new iPhones and for the release of the final version of iOS 13: September 10th and September 23threspectively.

Possible release date of new iPhones discovered in iOS 13 beta 7

The guesses were mounted after the discovery of an image, in the bowels of the system, with the inscription HoldForRelease”(Something like“ Hold on to the Release ”) in the title. The image is a common screenshot of an iPhone's home screen, but what draws attention to the date on the Calendrio icon: Tuesday, 10 is precisely the day of the week speculated by many as Apple's special event.

Possible release date of new iPhones discovered in iOS 13 beta 7

Other images, with the initial screens of older iPhones (because there is no clipping), mark the Calendrio a Monday, 23 which leads to believe that the final version of iOS 13 (and other systems of Ma) be released on that date.

September 10th is widely regarded as "closed" as the date Ma presents the new iPhones (and perhaps the "Apple Watch Series 5"), as we commented here. The 23rd, on the other hand, is a novelty, since the expectation that the pre-sale of iPhones begins on 9/23 and store sales on 9/20.

That is, if iOS 13 were released on 9/23, the launch of new devices would have to happen later than imagined. 🤔

via MacRumors