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iOS 13 beta 6 brings icon to Dark Mode in Control Center, new look for folders and more!

As testing continues, Apple continues to implement changes in the most popular of its operating systems: the version iOS 13 beta 6 brought another batch of new features to the system, some really new, while others simply undo changes brought about in previous test versions.

Next, let's take a turn for all that is new.

Control Center Dark Mode

Dark Mode (or "Dark Appearance", as Apple has called it in beta so far) could now be activated by Control Center simply by tapping and holding the brightness selector, but Ma added an even easier way to recall it. it through the interface: now we have our own button for the feature.

The button can be added to Control Center in the screen setting, and has a very cute animation when enabled or disabled.

Dark Mode on iOS 13 beta 6

We do not know if it remains in the system, however.

New folder look

Until iOS 13 beta 5, folders had a whitish appearance, with light transparency; In the new test version, the opacity has been greatly reduced, and the appearance of the folders is much more discreet and "transparent".

That's cool to make your wallpapers stand out, but it can give you a feeling of more clutter on your home screens what did you think?

Hide link previews

Safari now has an option to disable link previews for windows that open with a preview of that content when you press a URL or a button in the browser.

The global setting: It works by site, which can be useful to prevent suspicious page links from loading without your consent.

Warning on using Bluetooth

Apple has included in the system a warning to be displayed to users who are pairing or installing certain Bluetooth devices through third party apps.

The text will make it clear that that application can use the connection to find and connect nearby Bluetooth accessories, and can enable Bluetooth to know when the iPhone or iPad in question is near the accessory.

Going back on the 4G cone and volume bar

At least two changes seen in iOS 13 beta 5 have been canceled in this new test release: one of them the 3G / 4G / LTE icon, which had grown in the previous version and is now back to normal size.

In addition, the new volume bar returned to 16 levels of adjustment in the previous version, that number had been expanded to 34, but Apple decided to return to the usual standard for some reason.

New splash screens on the App Store and Photos

Now, the App Store news screen highlights the upcoming Apple Arcade; By tapping the "Games" tab, a huge announcement gives even more prominence to the service and gives the user the option to notify you when the platform goes live.

Photos also gained a revamped news screen, highlighting the app's new features.

Siri no l more posts

One of the new features of the dual-generation iOS 13 + AirPods (second generation) / Beats headphones is the feature in which Siri becomes able to read text messages that have just arrived on the iPhone. In iOS 13 beta 6, however, the feature has been removed we do not know if to make any adjustments or if definitely.

Apple Card privacy policy

Apple has made some modifications involving privacy policies (basically "perfumeries" here and there). In the case of the Apple Card, the change has been sensitive to the point: now the company informs you that your phone will be able to use your location. to help provide store names when you use your Apple Card physical card.

And you, did you find any news? Leave your findings below, in the comments. And good tests!

pictures: Vincius Porto