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iOS 13.4 allows you to open your car using the iPhone; see other news

IOS 13.4 brings the CarKey app, which works like a car key, new memojis, iCloud Folder Sharing and more!

THE Apple launched, on the last January 5th, the beta of iOS 13.4 for developers, bringing in a number of unique features. However, the novelty that most caught our attention is an API called CarKey, which allows the iPhone or the Apple Watch open, close and start in a compatible vehicle.

According to internal files, users will be able to use the technology in cars that are compatible with NFCby simply holding the mobile device close to the car to unlock it. The pairing process will be done through the application Wallet and then it will be necessary for the manufacturer's application to have the configuration.

O CarKey It can also be shared with other users and, for this, drivers will be able to invite them through Wallet so that the person has access to the key on their own smartphone or Apple Watch.

iOS 13.4 general news

Notice at the bottom that the email toolbar consists of four buttons (Photo: 9to5Mac)Notice at the bottom that the email toolbar consists of four buttons (Photo: 9to5Mac)

Another novelty of iOS 13.4 that the email toolbar, which is at the bottom of the screen (photo above), now consists of four buttons: send to trash, move message, flag, and reply.

According to 9to5Mac, the new design accommodates the answering buttons and trash can at both ends because iOS 13 users were complaining that they pressed the “delete” button when they wanted to answer for both being too close.

There is also the feature iCloud Folder Sharing, which allows you to share your iCloud folder and files with someone else. At the time when the iOS 13 was announced, this feature was presented as one of the novelties, but it was eventually removed to allow more time to refine it. Now, it has been reintroduced with the iOS 13.4 Beta.

IOS 13.4 has nine indie Memoji stickers (Photo: Disclosure)IOS 13.4 has nine indie Memoji stickers (Photo: Rene Ritchie)

Other news related to other Apple devices include new shortcuts in the iPadOS, allowing you to quickly navigate between tabs, browse and create new albums. While in full screen mode, you can also delete, duplicate and enter edit mode using the keyboard.

J o watchOS 6.2 allow you to make transactions within the applications, allowing the user to access “premium” content, download new content, etc. It basically works like an iPad or iPhone application where you can perform micro-transactions in a game or download extra content.

And you? Did you like the news? Do you want to download the beta version of iOS 13.4 or will you wait for the official version? Tell your opinion in the comments!