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iOS 13.1 is now available to everyone; Check out the news! [atualizado: links diretos]

And the update cycle does not stop! We have been less than a week since the release of iOS 13, but its direct successor is already with us: Apple has just released the final version of iOS 13. iOS 13.1 (build 17A844, slightly ahead of beta 4) for all users.

Unlike other "X.1" versions of the system, iOS 13.1 has a small range of relevant news basically, features that Apple failed to incorporate in its initial release, as well as some enhancements that come to complement new features introduced last week. .

Check it out:


AirDrop on iOS 13.1

Due to the new U1 chip, iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max now use ultra-wideband technology for spatial recognition. This enables devices to pinpoint other Apple devices with the same chip as Apple said, such as giving the iPhone a sixth sense, a new way of understanding the world that will give rise to incredible capabilities.

And the first feature tied to this technology has come now, with iOS 13.1: you point your iPhone at someone else's iPhone, and AirDrop prioritizes that device for faster file sharing.


Maps on iOS 13.1

A feature lost in the first version of iOS 13 came back in today's update. This is the option to share routes with contacts so they know your estimated arrival time.


Automao on iOS 13.1

For some reason, Apple has removed the automations section of the Shortcuts app on iOS 13. On iOS 13.1, it's back; This allows you to create actions that perform in specific situations (such as a specific time or place).

Volume indicator

Volume indicator on iOS 13.1

IOS 13 has already caused the joy of millions of people worldwide by swapping the old volume indicator for a much more elegant and less obstructive one. IOS 13.1 goes further by showing, in the indicator itself, which device is changing the volume (whether it's the iPhone / iPad / iPod, a HomePod, a pair of AirPods or any other peripherals).


Following font support on iPadOS, the App Store has gained a section specific to them.


TestFlight Apps on iOS 13.1

The cone indicating that an application was installed by TestFlight has changed to a brighter yellow dot.

Dynamic wallpapers

Live wallpapers on iOS 13.1

Dynamic wallpapers have gained new looks, with more vivid gradients, and are available for more models of iPhones.

Reading Goal in Apple Books

For you configure a number of pages to be read per month; The app will send you notifications reminding you of your progress and encouraging you to continue.

New cones on HomeKit

HomeKit on iOS 13.1

They are now much more detailed, with a more refined finish.

Who can install

This is easy: if you have iOS 13, you can of course install 13.1 on your device. To check out the list of devices compatible with iOS 13, just check our article highlighting the news of the system.

How to install

Likewise, the installation process for iOS 13.1 same as 13.0 (or any recent Apple update) just go to your device's Settings, and in the section General Software Update, select the update. Then follow the onscreen instructions and wait for the process to finish.

For other upgrade options, simply access our iOS 13 upgrade guide the instructions are exactly the same. In a moment, we'll update this post with the deep download links for the iOS 13.1 IPSW file for those who prefer.

Have fun! 😉

Update by Rafael Fischmann 09/24/2019 14:27

As promised, here are the iOS 13.1 download deep links: