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iOS 13.1 fixed some erroneous Emojis that existed on iPhone and iPad

The subject 'EmojiIt is controversial, because it arouses contrary opinions in circles of conversation. There are those who hate them and do not understand the importance attached to them; others love and use it all as a quick way to express feelings in text messages. Apple itself gives them a lot of prominence, even because it introduced the concept in the Western world.

But there is still a third category: that of boring They like the graphic precision of symbols and bother when there are imperfections. I confess, fall into this category, and I even commented here about what the hamburger emoji should look like.

THE iOS 12 brought several emojis with misrepresentations, which bothered members of this third category. After all, Apple has always cherished the I need the detailsYou can't hit the ball just in that. And the newly released 13.1 fixed several of them.

In July, Apple showed off some new emoji that will be included in iOS this year. It usually includes them in version x.1 of the system, but as this year 13.1 has been brought forward in an emergency manner, we may only see the news in 13.2.

Even so, she took advantage of the 13.1 release to fix some gaffes she had made last year.

There were 8 significant changes in the new system. Just them:

1 Squid and the siphon

Last year the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California had already spoken out about the fact that Apple had mistakenly placed the squid siphon on the mollusk's forehead when anatomically behind it.

In iOS 13.1, this has been fixed.

2 Octopus

One of the striking features of an octopus is its suction cups, and they were nonexistent in Apple's representation. On iOS 13.1 this has been fixed.

3 Mosquito leg

If you've ever looked carefully at the mosquito's emoji before, you may have noticed that one side had 3 legs and the other only 2. A silly but unmissable mistake for the perfectionist Apple.

4 Blue puzzle

Apple has decided to change the color of the puzzle because historically the blue color is the symbol of the autism awareness campaign. Since her intention was not to make this reference (because in other systems this emoji has a different color), the new color turned green.

5th spleen

Apple also corrected the position of the bacchus to that which is generally used.

6th Hearts

Apple changed the hearts that make up other emoji by applying the same as the red heart emoji itself.

Yes, many will find this kind of change completely useless, but the discussion is much deeper than it may seem. Graphic details are certainly not going to change anyone's life, but it is very good to know that there is an attention to small things in an increasingly superficial and less concerned with details.