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iOS 13.1 brings fixes to various emojis like octopus, squid, mosquito and more

We have already listed several of the news brought by iOS 13.1, released earlier today, but the Emojipedia reminded us of another major change implemented by the update: emojis more faithful reality, of course.

In total, the new system made changes to 24 of the indefinable (and uncountable) stickers. Some of them are almost imperceptible, such as the smiling face with heart-shaped eyes in the case of this emoji, so popular with lovers, the hearts that replace the poor figure's eyeballs are now similar to the heart's own emoji.

New Face Emoji with Heart Eyes on iOS 13.1

In a cultural change, Apple also updated the emoji representing a spleen. Now the figurine has pins arranged vertically, as traditionally used by the millennial mathematical instrument.

New Bacchus Emoji on iOS 13.1

Other changes were urgent: now the octopus finally understands the anatomy of the animal correctly, with suction cups proudly displayed on the underside of its arms (which are still four, and not eight as in the actual bug).

New Octopus Emoji on iOS 13.1

Still in the cephalopod class, the emoji of squid It has also been altered to accurately portray the anatomy of the pet: the siphon is no longer positioned between the eyes of the mollusk, since the structure responsible for locomotion of the animals is actually behind them. The limb count, however, is still incorrect, as the real-life squid has two tentacles and eight arms (here we only see six arms).

New squid emoji on iOS 13.1

The one who had the most luck with the members themselves was mosquito. The emoji representing the unnerving insect has been updated to add an extra leg, which matches the reality of its six legs.

New mosquito emoji on iOS 13.1

You can now sleep peacefully and enjoy all the changes by upgrading to iOS 13.1 right now. We come back at any moment with more news from the animal world, I mean from the Apple world.

via The Verge