iOS 12 should open more the NFC chip of iPhones

One of Apple's great differences from its competitors is that it may or may not please that when it implements some new component in its products, it also seeks to control the experience and everything it will be able to do, from end to end.

the chip case NFC, present on iPhones since the generation 6/6 Plus (in 2014), but initially and for a long time limited to the exclusive use of Apple Pay.

In mid-2015, Apple became a sponsoring member of the NFC Forum, indicating an interest in further exploring the technology. Since then, however, the use of NFC on the iPhone has hardly evolved. We recently talked about a token here on the website, but in addition it can be used to configure certain accessories and also for payments on parking totems, for example. Nothing much more than that.

Now, resuming a rumor that they launched in 2014, the guys from The Information claim that Apple should open the NFC of iPhones further with the arrival of iOS 12 including, for example, opening car or room doors in hotels (some even already support this, but using Bluetooth).

According to the report, Ma employees are already testing the technology inside Apple Park, using their iPhones to unlock doors through personalized badge readers.

Another possibility mentioned would be the use of iPhones for payments in public transport systems, such as passing through metro turnstiles by simply touching the device to the reader. That would be really cool.

Such news could possibly also work with Apple Watches, since these are also equipped with NFC chips.

via 9to5Mac

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